Entrepreneur: Seeking to Expand Overseas? First Determine If Your Firm’s Ready.

Seeking to Expand Overseas? First Determine If Your Firm’s Ready. Source: http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwo9SHqQk Nearly every week we see another headline about a previously unknown startup that has catapulted to international stardom. Where it once took years — sometimes decades — to go from relative obscurity to market leader, the infinite connectedness of our planet has compressed […]

Trade mission to Taiwan: Sustainability

Trade mission to Taiwan: Sustainability Take place on: 23 June 2014 Latest registration before: 14 May 2014 23-28 June From 23-28 June 2014, the Joint Business Council (JBC) Taiwan of The Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (NCH) will organise an outbound mission to Taiwan, together with partner organisation World Trade Centre, The Hague. Participants will […]

ITRI-TGN-DIA event on 2014/3/27 at ITRI Turbo Accelerator

Workshop for ambitious entrepreneurs on the 27th (9:00-11:00) at ITRI in Hsinchu. ITRI and TGN organise a workshop on internationalization for entrepreneurs who are poised for expansion in The Netherlands and Europe. Mr. Pim de Bokx will share his experience on internationalization and doing business in The Netherlands during this workshop that will also offer […]

VANMOOF launches ‘Electrified’

Taco Carlier announced this already during Taiwan Business Day 2013 in The Hague, where he showcased his cooperation with Taiwanese companies. The Electric VANMOOF. And the good thing is; you can’t see that electric systems have been integrated. Check out this video .. or their website: http://vanmoof.com/electrified/

Pim de Bokx to present at APEC accelerator network forum in Taiwan

Our dear supporter and incubation expert Pim de Bokx chairman of the Dutch Incubation Association (DIA) is invited by APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) to join their conference on “Connecting Global Business Opportunity”. Mr. De Bokx was invited through mediation of CBIA and TGN as part of their joint effort to bridge the distance between […]

Register for International Life Science Pitching & Business Angels event Amsterdam

On the coming 22nd of May we (BAE) are planning our second international Pitching & Business Angels Event for Life Science/Health/Medical Technology and IT. See the enclosed program. Please see below some important aspects of your collaborations that we kindly ask you to keep in mind COMPANY NOMINATIONS If you know companies that seek for […]

Start on the Right Foot with Flyfit – the First Ankle Tracker for Fitness and More – TechView Asia

Start on the Right Foot with Flyfit – the First Ankle Tracker for Fitness and More Flyfit, the first Taiwanese startup ever featured on KickStarter, was founded by a husband-and-wife team Jimmy Leu and Beatrice Chu. The idea started when Beatrice, a fitness-enthusiast, demanded for a wearable fitness device that could track and monitor ALL her physical activities. As […]


To stay competitive in the global economy, European businesses need a stronger foothold in Asia. Unfortunately, in this respect, Europe is lacking behind its main competitors from the US and Japan. Europe’s new trade strategy, Global Europe, puts open trade and investment with Asian economies on top of the agenda, and it is seen as […]

EU-Taiwan trade relations moving forward?

Posted by EP Library ⋅ October 4, 2013 Taiwan has a critical role in Asia’s supply chains and its trade with China is expanding rapidly, enhancing the possibility of triangular trade with Europe. This makes the island an important, albeit diplomatically complicated, partner for the EU, with strong potential to develop bilateral trade. Taiwan’s status […]

Nike + DyeCoo + Far Eastern New Century Corp = ColorDry

Eliminating water & chemicals in dyeing process source: http://www.between-us.com Early December 2013, Nike celebrated the opening of a water-free dyeing facility featuring high-tech equipment to eliminate the use of water and process chemicals from fabric dyeing at its Taiwanese contract manufacturer Far Eastern New Century Corp. Nike has named this sustainable innovation “ColorDry” to highlight […]

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